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Erectile Dysfunction Medication

Online Consultation (Via Video Conferencing)

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The Path to freedom

E.D. medications prescribed online and delivered to you

Free online video conferencing with a physician

Our services are for California residents only.  You will need to provide a valid I.D. and a California address.

Our experienced medical professionals will put your needs first.  We are proud to provide a high level of customer service, medical expertise, and commitment to health and wellness to all of our patients. Our goal is to make You feel better as quickly as possible.

You will be asked to complete and submit a health questionnaire.  Upon reviewing your answers, you will be contacted to set up an appointment for video conferencing with our Medical Director.

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Hormone replacement Therapy

Your Health Comes First
At the Center for Hormonal Wellness, our mission is to provide an individualized program tailored to help balance our patients’ hormones, to give compassionate and holistic care to every patient, and to promote wellness throughout the lifespan. We strive to empower our patients by providing them with the ability to make positive changes in their lives.

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Weight Loss

Our  weight loss program is highly individualized and includes comprehensive medical evaluation , with blood work and  EKG  prior to making any recommendation.

We offer multiple weight loss programs from the popular HCG diet, appetite suppressants, nutritional supplement and B12, MIC, and B-complex injections.

Our mission is to get you motivated and encourage you to change your life style to maintain your weight by incorporating nutritional supplements with exercise and follow up as needed.

With this program we will be able to help you optimize your potentials by eliminating certain food  that are proven to cause inflammation. Initiate prebiotic and probiotic  to optimized gut health , support the liver by detox agent and  antioxidants.

All of our programs are supervised by our Medical Director.

We do not bill insurance.

Medically supervised weight loss program

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Service At Its Finest
Since 2000, Kevork Bouldoukian, M.D. and Sherri Bergamo, N.P., have been at the forefront of Hormone Replacement Therapy in Bakersfield.  We are committed to serving our community with the highest level of quality treatment and care as soon as you walk through our doors.

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Dedicated to Healing

Our team shares a common commitment to patient well being, professional integrity, and education.  
Find out more about our team and why we are the right medical staff for you.

For more information call Stephanie at (661) 633 - 9080



Medical Director

Medical Director 
His Philosophy is very simple: "Take Charge and Live Better".
He believes in empowering You to live a better quality of life through providing you with the knowledge to do so.  He is Board Certified in Internal Medicine and a 
Specialist in Male hormone therapy. He completed his residency at Kern Medical Center (a UCLA affiliated program).  He has been actively practicing Functional Medicine for over 15 years.


Sherri Bergamo NP

Nurse Practitioner

Nurse Practitioner
Sherri has found her passion in treating women with hormonal imbalances with Bio-identical Hormone Therapy.  The profound changes in their lives fuels her energy to spread the word and educate as many women as she can.
She has a BSN in Nursing and is a
Nationally Certified Nurse Practitioner  in OB-GYN.  She is a graduate of Indiana University.
She has completed a Women’s Health Practitioner Program from Harbor General - UCLA.
She is active in the American Women’s Association.

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